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Hi!  I am Jill. 

My journey with physical fitness started out of necessity as a sedentary, middle schooler.  Like many adolescents,  I had low self-esteem and body image issues.  I had to make a decision to change, to move, to run, to go after what I wanted because it wasn’t gonna come easy!  I discovered the power and satisfaction that lies within self discipline, setting and hitting fitness goals, seeing noticeable changes and competing with yourself.  The fit lifestyle unlocked new ideas, goals and opportunities for me.  It changed how I pictured myself and my future.


It has been written, ‘Fitness is rented, not owned, and rent is due every day!’  I’m a work in progress and always under construction. I can say my relationship with fitness has evolved over the years into something that I love to do for me, rather than a chore I have to do.  I am a busy, working Mama.  I look forward to my workouts, runs and sports as my outlet for stress & anxiety.  It’s important to me to challenge myself and set an example for my kids.  Fitness allows me to tap into my own personal fountain of youth. 


I have found some of the most rewarding relationships and deepest connections I have in my life have been forged through fitness.  Gym buddies are deeply rooted because together you have battled fatigue, pushed through pain, shown vulnerability and fear,  and restarted after falling or failing. Together you hit the highest highs and lowest lows. This type of support is priceless, because what is understood doesn’t need to be explained.   


I welcome you home to the YAY FIT family and look forward to being a part of your journey! 

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