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Hey, I’m JD. I am coming up on my 2nd year as a coach here at YAY FIT. I am married to coach Angie who is my wife and best friend of 16+ years. We have two young adult children, Santiago and Karina who both graduated from Lansing Catholic in 2017. We have entered a new phase in our life as the kids continue to mature and attend Lansing Community College.

My hobbies include weightlifting or attending one of the many classes that YAY FIT has to offer. I enjoy food immensely and it is not uncommon for me to mention during a workout how excited I am to be going to eat afterward! I also enjoy doing odd jobs around the house and fabricating things out of wood and metal. I enjoy binge watching episodes on Netflix or Prime and getting 20min naps in (ok, sometimes 2-hour naps).

YAY FIT has been a journey that I started with Angie in February 2017. We have taken turns being each other’s motivation, because let’s face it… we all need a little extra push as some point!

My goal as a coach is to make you feel welcome and to help you find the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. I hope that you can find something special about YAY FIT as well in your journey.

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