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My serious health journey began in 2016. The short story, I had some severe medical/health issues
which caused me to wake up and start taking control of my health. I started with changing the way I ate. I started eating foods that provided my body nourishment instead of self-satisfaction. I had never felt better and was on a great life changing journey. However, shortly after, I lost one of my brothers. He
was only 44 years old. Losing him, I had a set back with my health due to the grief, and overwhelming
guilt I felt for being healthy. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself back to my goals of being healthy again,but this time I wanted to “level up”.


February 2017, my niece, the daughter of my heavenly brother, introduced me to YAY FIT. At first I was very hesitant because I had never done any physical exercise before. My worries and anxiety went away after my first time. Charese Horn and the whole team of participants, made me feel so welcomed. I felt
inspired and very encouraged to keep coming back. One week later, my husband J.D. Diaz joined in.


Fast forward to 2019, JD and I are now proud to be coaches for YAY FIT. I feel so honored to be a part of
this mission of helping others find the strength that God has already put inside of all of us.

If you are sick of being held back by your health, take control now. I would encourage you to try YAY FIT.
I promise you will be filled, mind, body and spirit.

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